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Frivolous Lola

Frivolous Lola

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Frivolous Lola In 1950s rural Italy, seductively charming bride-to-be Lola has absolutely no intention of walking down the aisle as a spotless virgin, while on the other hand, her traditional bread-baker fiancé, Masetto, has other plans, dreaming of deflowering his chosen one not earlier than the night of their wedding. However, the girl is impatient, desirous and unsatisfied; Lola never misses a single opportunity flaunting her well-rounded smooth derrière atop her bicycle’s leather saddle, while at the same time, her unrestrained tumultuous sexuality inflames the fervent and unappeased desires. Without a doubt, the untamed Lola surely knows what she wants, and she wants it now

mischievous, amusing, jolly sexy romp

Frivolous Lola The scoring, of course, reflects my own personal taste but I do feel that the film almost completely successful in what it sets out to achieve. It’s a mischievous, amusing, jolly sexy romp that doesn’t miss out on taking a few sideswipes at Italian society (affectionately of course!). If there were a poll to find the ten best female bum shots in cinema, I am pretty certain this film would occupy all ten slots, and half of them probably just in the swirling, joyful, abandoned opening cycling sequence. Lola grins and squeaks with delight as she races along bum in the air to the astonishment, amusement and enjoyment of all. The older man (father?) with Lola scenes, made one a little uncomfortable and similarly the peeping tom and the lost virginity but these seemed to fit within the whole and probably say as much about Catholicism in Italy than Mr Brass in particular. A super sunny sexy delight!

Frivolous fun

Typical soft-core Brass film has a plot as flimsy as the clothing worn by the leading lady but then plots are inconsequential in films like these. Although her acting is limited to giggles and pouts, Ammirati is an attractive and alluring presence as a vixen in heat whose boyfriend won’t do the deed until they’re married, causing her to throw herself at every man she meets. The central plot device is to create situations for Ammirati to remove her skivvies (to use them as emergency bandage for her bleeding beau, because they itch, just because…). Grandi, the well-endowed star of one of Brass’s earlier films, plays Ammirati’s mother, who also has a tendency to drop her knickers.

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