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Avenging Angel

Avenging Angel

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Avenging Angel,  A preacher (Sorbo) becomes a bounty hunter after a group of refugees seeking shelter in his church is murdered by a gang of ruthless outlaws.

Seen it all before, but…

Avenging Angel, Wronged, silent hero thirsting for justice (and vengeance), finding a new purpose in life, a new family and saving the underdogs – and subsequently – a whole town from the evil, greedy, rich, and powerful landowner aided by a corrupt sheriff and his hired guns…

Yeah, it’s been done before, at times even better. But: There were some shots and scenes to be seen at times worthy of Sergio Leone.

Sorbo’s, Watross’ and Chinlund’s acting is out of this world – and it captures the atmosphere of the old, bad, wild west marvelously. I do hope to see all of them in even more demanding projects. As well as the little girl playing Emilia, who did a really good job as well.

Highly enjoyable experience.

After watching this,I can only say that this was Kevin Sorbo’s finest performance to date! He played The Preacher, a pastor who gives up his calling after his church is destroyed with his wife & child inside. He becomes a bounty hunter, seeking justice for the innocent. He then returns to his town, where he finds that those responsible for the loss of his family have taken over. After being injured by some of the rough goons, he is taken in by Maggie, a former prostitute and her daughter, Amelia. Through their company, he begins to yearn for the life he once had, but at the same time, vengeance for his wife & daughter weighs heavily on his mind. The Preacher went through a range of emotions-heartbreak, anger, rage, and Kevin played them all exceptionally well! If you love a good Western or are a fan of Kevin Sorbo. The story follows a pattern set by popular westerns before, and I found a few parallels to Clint Eastwood westerns of the 1960s. I highly recommend this movie!

The Desperate Trail

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